Ilhan Kolko
These guys blended in right away. Eight Bit Studios had no difficulty understanding what we were trying to do
Ilhan Kolko
Vice President of Product Strategy and Innovation

Echo couldn’t get updates on the shipments and sometimes multiple customers were calling the carriers directly.


Build a mobile app for the truck drivers and a web portal for the dispatchers who drivers normally report status tracking and updates.


Echo has reduced 80% off their outbound calls that they make to the carriers and drivers. When it comes to shipment document collection from 7–10 days to the first 48 hours.

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Product Management
Stakeholder Workshops and Interviews
Product Roadmaps
Feature Prioritization - (Budget vs. Impact)
Experience Design
Development Handoff
Motion Design
Native Mobile Design
Responsive Design
Design System
Design Prototype
User Research
Content Strategy
Product Vision
Software Maintenance
Quality Assurance
Agile Development
Technology Strategy
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