CIO Cheatcodes

When we’re not building custom software solutions for enterprise teams, we’re helping enterprise teams better work with the tools they already use. This is a group of tools, tips, and guidelines that CIOs and the teams helping CIOs can use to be catalysts of change in their enterprise organization.

CIO Cheatcodes - Establishing Slack Etiquette For Your Team

Slack was the most disruptive communication tool we made it our job to change the way we use the tool as a collective so that it works FOR us rather than against us

CIO Cheatcodes - Mega-batching your team calendar to reduce stress and maximize productivity (1 of 2)

Mega-batching combined with calendar planning has proven to be an extremely effective productivity technique that can be used by individuals or teams. If you are looking to increase your efficiency and productivity, or reduce your stress levels, then mega-batching is definitely worth trying out.

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