In our 15 year history working with teams big and small, we have found that there is no secret recipe. Some teams require an integrated approach with a full agile development cycle that includes product definition, research, roadmap and story mapping, analytics, and iterative design and development on a regular deployment schedule. Some teams are completely deadline driven and need a set of features, functionality, research to be conducted within a certain time period to make it in time for an event. Some teams need an extra set of hands to augment their team. In any and all cases, we're here to integr8t ourselves into YOUR process as best we can while providing the expertise and consulting to make the initiative as best as it can be.

Breaking down the bits...

We help our spirited partners define their businesses and the challenges involved.

We break big challenges down into smaller bits to help identify awesome opportunities.

We isolate bits that don’t fit in while uncovering new bits that add value, impact and delight.

We strategically arrange bits to realize the product vision by applying brainy, user-friendly experience and interface.

We activate all the bits by leveraging today’s technologies and processes while keeping up user testing and roadmaps.

Live software needs to be managed, maintained and supported. We will work with you to put together the right approach and team to meet your needs.

Our teams span Project and Product Management, User Experience Research and Strategy, Interface Design, Animation and Motion, custom Frontend and Backend Development for both native mobile apps and websites, as well as we do all our QA in-house (imagine a charcuterie board of test devices and browser testing suites).

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