Fleet Management Systems (FMS) in Chicago Trucking Logistics Technology (6 of 8)

Trucking logistics includes the coordination of all aspects of truck transportation, including the selection of routes, the scheduling of drivers and vehicles, the loading and unloading of cargo, and the tracking and tracing of shipments. This involves writing a lot of custom software to run the brokerage for the sales team, bidding on the load, feed the right information to dispatchers, and coordinating load progress with both customers and drivers.

An important part of trucking logistics is fleet maintenance. A fleet maintenance system is a computerized system that helps trucking companies keep track of their vehicles and drivers, and schedule and track maintenance and repairs.

There are many different fleet maintenance systems on the market, and the right one for a company depends on the size and type of fleet, the company's shipping routes, and other factors. A good fleet maintenance system can help a company save money by reducing the number of breakdowns and accidents, and by helping to extend the life of the vehicles in the fleet. A good system can also help a company improve its customer service by providing up-to-date information on the status of shipments.

Some things to consider when getting started with a custom developed Fleet maintenance system:

  • Tracking and managing maintenance records for a fleet of vehicles
  • Integrating with GPS tracking to schedule maintenance based on location and time
  • Managing and tracking parts and inventory for maintenance
  • Setting up alerts and notifications for upcoming maintenance
  • Creating workflows for maintenance tasks
  • Tracking and managing warranty information
  • Managing and tracking compliance with DOT regulations

That's a quick overview of fleet maintenance systems. Our hope with this series is to inspire and enable a new teams to think about how building custom systems can help accelerate growth and better serve customers. If you have a concept or interest in this space, don't hesitate to reach out to us (below).

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